FREE Grain Free 3 Day Cleanse

Grain Free 3 Day Cleanse

The first step to holistic health is adopting a healthy diet. Specifically, a health promoting, anti-inflammatory, whole foods diet.

The grain free diet is VERY popular right now and for good reason. IT WORKS! Rayna, owner and holistic health coach at Functional Nutrition of Boulder used a grain free diet to heal her candida over growth and autoimmune disease as well as to enhance her rock climbing performance. During this time she also lost 16 lbs, cleared her brain fog, started to sleep better and she now says she has as much energy as she did in her early 20s.

If you can’t tell, Functional Nutrition of Boulder is a HUGE advocate of a grain free diet.  pretty amazing!

But if that isn’t enough to convince you, here are some other great reasons to go grain free:

Why Go Grain Free?

  1. Inflammation. Grains cause inflammation in the body. In some cases they can even cause the body to start attacking itself. Gluten in particular has been linked to an autoimmune attack on the thyroid called Hashimotos.  The inflammation caused by grain consumption can also lead to inflammation in the brain (anxiety, brain fog, depression), food sensitivies, thyroid problems, fatigue, headaches and even skin issues.
  2. Gut Health – Grains feed the “bad stuff” in the gut. I’ve seen statistics showing that any where from 50%-90% of the US population suffer from Candida overgrowth and let me tell you, Candida LOVES grains. Candida is responsible for things like allergies, asthma, histamine intolerance, brain fog, anxiety, depression and more. It’s also been shown that grain consumption leads to the development of leaky gut. A grain free diet has also been shown to improve digestion issues in people with Chrohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  3. Mental Health. Studies by NCBI, American Journal of Psychology and AAAS have shown that removing grains from the diet improves a variety of mental health issues including seizures, anxiety, depression, ADD and even Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Are you ready to take control of your health and go grain free?

Try It Out With Our FREE Grain Free 3 Day Cleanse!

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